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Borger, TX Dental Fillings 

Restorative Dentistry to Fix Cavities and Damaged Teeth

Many patients are good candidates for dental fillings if they have tooth decay. While tooth decay is a serious problem that can permanently destroy a healthy tooth, it can be remedied and the decay will stop permanently once the cavity (hole) is filled. Your restored tooth will look and feel exactly like a natural tooth thanks to the modern materials we use. Rather than using metal materials like gold or silver as was the case in past decades, we only use porcelain and composite resin fillings that are custom shade-matched to adjacent teeth. These fillings are durable and often last 15+ years. 

Why Do I Need a Filling? 

The primary reason patients require dental fillings is to address cavities that are caused by tooth decay. Other bad habits can also lead to the need for a dental filling, too, such as chronic tooth grinding, biting your nails, or chewing ice. The first symptom of a problem, such as a toothache or sensitivity, could be an indication that you have tooth decay or trauma that needs urgent attention. Fillings are a good restorative dental option to fix the damage caused by these issues. Remember that even a small cavity can progress to a much bigger problem down the road, eventually leading to tooth loss. We seek to prevent that from ever happening, and that’s why we encourage routine dental exams and checkups.

What Other Options Do I Have Besides Dental Fillings? 

Not all patients are good candidates for dental fillings, particularly if their tooth decay is quite advanced, or if their tooth trauma is too severe for a filling to be a worthwhile solution. Instead, you may be better suited to the placement of a dental crown to cap the damaged tooth after removing any decay. We will present you with all your options and educate you about the best way to treat them so you can make the decision that is right for you. 

To book an oral exam at Borger Smiles, please call (806) 491-1633 or walk in for an emergency-based visit. 

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